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The interconnection of our servers is made within a highly performant network. The network equipment features Gigabit interfaces of 10Gbit or 40Gbit for increased speed and minimum latency. Everhosts' tech team uses the latest technology to achieve a secure and stable environment, which is ideal for the services we offer. Our datacenter offers multiple 10Gbit/s connections with various European providers.



The solutions that we offer our current and potential clients are based on some rigorous tests and are presented as service packages. Everhost packages were created as divers as possible in order to offer a broad range of preset solutions.

If it happens that our preset solutions do not match our clients needs, the Everhost team works together with them and find the best suitable solutions. Moreover, our clients can change or replace anytime their services in order to meet their requirements. One of our specialists will offer the client advise, free of charge, in a very short time, to determine which specifications are necessary and what would fit their interest the best.

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SLA 99.99%

During its 6 years of nonstop uptime, our datacenter has a total downtime of 9 minutes. We ensure our clients that our services runtime is of minimum 99.99% each month, all year long. The Everhost team works 24/7/365 and in case of a technical problem, our technicians will do their best to avoid any inconvenience.


Modern datacenter

Our datacenter is equipped and secured following the highest global standards. The building and surroundings have video surveillance, nonstop personal watch, card based access, protection in case of fire or breaking in.

The access within the perimeter is allowed only to authorized personnel and only after all precaution measures are taken.

Due to the fact that our equipments are stored in the most optimal conditions, including hygiene and cooling systems, the possibility that those to suffer any damage is very low, almost zero.

The Datacenter's backup supply of power is provided by high-end diesel generators, with an autonomy of 24 hours and 4 UPS systems, configured in 2N system.



Everhost knows how important it is for our clients to be discreet and keep their data safe, and, except those facts we listed before, we offer our clients, personalized backup services. This way, our clients should never fear that, in the very low possibility of an accident, they will lose data.


24/7 Support

We are here to help. Anytime… Everhost offers high-quality technical support to its clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We guarantee that your technical issues will be solved in a very short time after being reported.

For us, all clients are as important and they will be treated equally in the unlucky case of a casualty.

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